Glass is one of the most common items in daily life. However, we often face the problem of how to protect our glasses from scratches or other damage. To address this issue, the hard coating service industry has emerged and is widely used.

Among these, the hard coating service for helmet visors, safety glasses and car windows is the most popular. With a production process using advanced technology, the products are coated with a super durable scratch-resistant protective layer, helping to protect the glass from scratches caused by impact, rubbing or environmental factors.

The types of glass that are hard coated for scratch resistance are commonly used in industrial and construction environments where environmental factors can affect the durability of the product. In particular, the use of hard coating on car and motorcycle glass is widespread and necessary for scratch protection.


To ensure the quality of the hard coating service, specialized companies often use dedicated chemical products that are safe for human health and the environment. In addition, these companies have a team of professional technicians who have extensive experience and specialized training in this field.


Some benefits of using hard coating anti-scratch service for glass include:

  • Protecting the glass from scratches and abrasion: Glass coated with anti-scratch layer will be able to withstand stronger impacts, protecting the glass surface from scratches and abrasion.
  • Increasing the durability and lifespan of the glass: The anti-scratch coating also helps increase the durability and lifespan of the glass, avoiding the situation of glass breaking or cracking due to collisions.
  • Reducing the cost of replacing glass: By using anti-scratch hard coating service on glass, you can reduce the cost of replacing new glass or repairing glass.
  • Easy to clean and maintain glass: Glass coated with hard coating anti-scratch has the ability to resist dust, easy to clean and maintain, helping to maintain the glass surface always bright and shiny.

Improving aesthetics: Glass coated with hard coating anti-scratch will have a smooth surface and no scratches, enhancing the aesthetics of the space using the glass.

Thanks to the benefits that hard coating provides, it has become the best solution for protecting glass from scratches and other damages. We can confidently use glass products that have been coated with a hard anti-scratch layer and enjoy its benefits. We hope that with the information we have provided, you now have a better understanding of the hard coating service that you are interested in.

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Hard Coating service for glass surfaces, including helmets, safety glasses, and car windows, is becoming a popular trend nowadays. With its outstanding advantages, this service helps protect and enhance the durability of glass products, bringing peace of mind to users.

Hard coating service for glasses, including motorcycle helmets, safety glasses, and car glasses, is becoming a popular trend nowadays. With its outstanding advantages, this service helps protect and enhance the durability of glass products, providing peace of mind for users.

  1. Surface protection: Glass is one of the easiest materials to scratch because of its low hardness and susceptibility to impact from hard objects. Using a hard coating service helps protect the glass surface from environmental impacts and increases the product’s durability.
  2. Increased durability: With glass hard coating, the product’s durability increases significantly. The product becomes more resistant to breaking, cracking, or scratching, allowing users to use it for a long time without the need for replacement.
  3. Reduced repair costs: Hard coating glass also helps reduce repair costs for the product. With a better-protected glass surface, users do not need to replace the glass frequently, saving costs for repair and maintenance.
  4. Ensuring safety for users: Motorcycle helmets, safety glasses, and car glasses are all used in environments that require high safety standards. Hard coating glass helps ensure safety for users, especially in emergency situations.
  5. Increased aesthetics for the product: In addition to the benefits of protection and durability, hard coating glass service also helps increase the product’s aesthetics. The glass surface is coated with a thin, beautiful layer that is not easily scratched.

With the development of technology and the increasing demand for product quality, using hard coating services to prevent scratches has become an optimal solution for protecting glass surfaces. We hope that with the information we have provided, you will understand the importance of using scratch-resistant hard coating on glass surfaces. Thank you for reading this article!


AT Hard Coating is a leading provider of high-quality anti-scratch hard coating services for glass. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we are committed to delivering the best products and services to our customers. Here are the reasons why you should choose our services:

  • Quality products: We use advanced technology and high-quality materials to create anti-scratch products with high durability and excellent scratch resistance.
  • Experienced technicians: We have a team of highly experienced technicians who are deeply trained in the field of anti-scratch hard coating. They will ensure that the coating process goes smoothly and the product achieves the highest quality.
  • Dedicated service: We are committed to providing dedicated, professional, and customized services to meet the needs of each customer. We always listen and advise customers to provide the best solution for each specific case.
  • Fast completion time: We guarantee to complete the hard coating process and delivery on time. This helps customers save time and costs.

The benefits that AT Hard Coating brings with its full-service package are:

  • Plastic mold processing is a perfect combination that can create complex geometries with low tolerance (high manufacturing precision of 99%).
  • Ensuring the production process time from processing to finished service and delivering products on time as planned to customers.
  • Optimizing costs as much as possible to save money and time for customers.

With the outstanding advantages of hard coating services for scratch-resistant glass, this is a good solution for various types of glasses such as safety glasses, protective glasses, and car glasses. Protecting the glass surface not only increases the lifespan of the product but also brings many benefits to users. Furthermore, hard coating services help the glass surface easy to clean and reduce time and effort in maintenance.

With the continuous development of technology, hard coating anti-scratch services for glass are becoming a popular and preferred solution in protecting and improving the quality of glass products. Therefore, invest in protecting and maintaining your glass with professional hard coating anti-scratch services to ensure longevity and optimize health and safety for users.

We hope that with the information we provide, you will have a better understanding of the hard coating anti-scratch services we offer. Thank you for reading this article!