Mirrored Acrylic Resin – The Ultimate Solution For Any Space

Mirrored acrylic resin is a new material with modern as well as high aesthetic value. Therefore, they are very popular in the market today.
Mirrored Acrylic Resin
Mirrored Acrylic Resin is a resin derived from petroleum refining. This material can be transparent or colorful.
This is a high-gloss industrial material with a characteristic effect of shine and sparkle under the lights. Acrylic surface has high light reflective properties, so it is commonly known as mirror-coated acrylic resin (reflects like a mirror).
In the past, Acrylic plastic only had monochromatic surfaces, but with modern development, there are many types of Acrylic surfaces born to meet the diverse uses of customers.
There are 36 types of Acrylic surface available on the market, in all colors and styles such as oak, walnut, etc. for customers to choose freely.
The production process of mirror-coated acrylic resin
Step 1: Select the wood core inside
The first step in the production process of mirror acrylic resin is the selection of industrial wood core. This is an important step because it determines the strength of the core board. Wood cores with smooth, uniform and non-deformed surfaces are always the top priority to ensure quality and longevity of furniture products.
Step 2: Clean the surface
In the next step, the wood core surface and the acrylic surface are cleaned. This is a simple but essential step. It affects the final quality of the product because it determines whether the interior surface is smooth or not.
Step 3: Apply glue
After smoothing the surface of the wood and mirror-polished Acrylic, people will cover the Acrylic sheet with glue. The glue used must meet the good bonding ability, the glue is neither loose nor too dense to create a thin and uniform surface layer on the surface to be coated.
Step 4: Press the surface of Acrylic sheet
The final step in the production of mirrored acrylic resin is pressing the acrylic sheet onto the board core by an automatic non-heating line to ensure the perfect surface finish in natural conditions.
The advantages that make mirror acrylic the most popular today
Modern and classy beauty
The main raw material that makes up Acrylic material is a plastic resin derived from petroleum. Therefore, interior products manufactured from this material ensure natural shine and high aesthetic value, showing the beauty of luxury and class.
Mirrored acrylic furniture always reflects natural colors. The shine from the interior surface is characteristic and popular with many people. This type of surface has simple smooth colors, luxurious wood grain design, ensuring absolute aesthetic value for your family’s space.
High durability
Mirror-coated acrylic resin is an extremely durable industrial material. They are made up of a mixture of thermoplastic acrylic – this material has high flexibility, high impact resistance. Even the industrial wood furniture is covered with a mirror-coated acrylic that is penetrating with extremely good UV protection.
Compared with other types of wooden interior decoration surfaces such as Melamine surface, Laminate surface or Veneer surface, Acrylic surface has a longer service life because of its toughness, elasticity and good impact resistance. .
The space is always clean and bright
Another advantage of the mirror-coated acrylic furniture line is that it is easy to clean, even the stains caused by grease and stains on the surface. This helps housewives always keep the space clean, bright and cool.
For scratches on the interior surface caused by accident during use, you can use sandpaper to polish and erase scratches, ensuring the interior remains as beautiful as the day it was purchased. Firstly.
Among the current industrial wood product lines on the market, mirrored acrylic furniture is a luxurious and modern kitchen cabinet line. In particular, Acrylic plastic helps to increase the feeling of airy and bright space. In addition, Acrylic material also has a fairly high reflective surface, thus creating a sense of space expansion.
Hopefully, the above sharing of Livas has given you new knowledge about mirror acrylic materials and you can apply them in space design in the most reasonable and optimal way.