What is Anti-scratch Coating?

This is a very thin layer of microscopic substrates or ingredients that prevent different scratching effects. These scratching effects may include:

  • Scratch; they are due to small cuts on plastic material.
  • Mar; these are marks due to compression of a plastic surface.
  • Abrasion; it is due to rubbing or scratching of surfaces.

The substrates in anti-scratch coating are nano particles that neither affect nor interfere with the optical properties of a surface. They simply function as protective a layer of the plastic material.

Don’t worry, I will explore about more about these nanoparticles in chapter 2, keep reading.

For now, I want to make one thing clear:

Quite a number of people tend to confuse these two words – anti-scratch and scratch proof.

The truth is that, hardly will you find a scratch proof coating for plastic material. All we have is a scratch resistant or anti-scratch coating.

It is exactly what I am going to discuss in this guide.

So, let’s see what exactly makes this coating scratch resistant.